Matt Deal

Random Questions:

Where are you originally from?  Welch, WV

What was your parents' reaction when you first told them you wanted to work in radio?  My mom thought it would be a good fit

First radio gig?  Part-time board operator

What would you be doing if not in the radio business?  A job I hate

Where can you be found when not on-air?  Hanging out with my family or playing music in a bar

What was your first car?  1998 Dodge Durango

First "BIG" concert attended?  Marty Stuart and Dwight Yoakam at Carowinds

Favorite city in the world?  Oak Island, NC

Pets?  One michievous cat named Hemingway
Do you have a tattoo?  I have a monkey on my back

If you were a member of a band, what instrument would you play?  I perform as a solo act playing the guitar and singing, but I prefer to play the triangle

If we got a peek into your kitchen cabinet, what would we find?  A bunch of junk I shouldn't be eating

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