Andy Samberg Knows Just the Guy to Fix the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry Feud

On Tuesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, special guest Andy Samberg was put on the spot to help come up with a solution for our nation’s most intractable debate: the seemingly never-ending Taylor Swift and Katy Perry feud of pop icons. Kimmel put Samberg on the spot since he’s had a chance to work with both stars during his time on Saturday Night Live, and more recently in a commercial with Swift for AT&T.

“It was quite an experience,” he said jokingly of getting kicked through a wall while filming with the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer. But he insisted that he’s neutral when it comes to the feud. “No, I don’t take sides in the feud, I’m cool with both of them, it’s fine,” he insisted.

Plus, he knows just the guy to help solve their years-long problem. “I’m also very hopeful for them, because I heard that Jared Kushner has been assigned brokering a peace accord… It’s right after brokering peace in the Middle East for him,” he joked.

“So that should happen any day now,” Kimmel laughed. “I didn’t know he was working on that.”

“Yeah, well, he can do it all,” Samberg noted.

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