Check Out Some Fascinating Super Bowl Stats & Facts For Sunday’s Game

Some interesting Super Bowl stats include:

  • If New England wins, Tom Brady will become the first quarterback ever to lead the league in passing and win the Super Bowl in the same year.
  • Bill Belichick has coached the Patriots in seven Super Bowls, and not once have they scored in the first quarter.
  • Brady is 40 and coach Bill Belichick is 65.  They’re a combined 105 years old, which will be the oldest age for any starting quarterback-head coach combination in Super Bowl history.
  • The Patriots have played in seven Super Bowls under Belichick.  And win or lose, they’ve never once scored in the first quarter.  They are 5-2 in those games.
  • Should Nick Foles lead Philadelphia to a victory, he’d become the first quarterback to begin the season as a backup and then lead his team to a Lombardi Trophy since . . . Tom Brady in 2001.
  • If the Eagles win, they’d be the 4th team in NFL history to win the Super Bowl after having a losing record in the previous season.  They were 7-9 last year.  The previous three were:  The 1981 49ers, the 1999 Rams, and that 2001 Patriots team, which was the year Brady took over.
  • This year, a player on the winning team gets a $112,000 bonus, while a player on the losing team takes home $56,000.


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