Demi Lovato Opens Up About Being Single and Addressing Her Addictions In Her New Album

So excited for 2017,” Demi Lovato tweeted this time last year—though not about the album she’d already been recording for the last six months or so, Tell Me You Love Me, which is out this Friday. “Taking a break from music and the spotlight… I am not meant for this business and the media,” she continued with an emoji that casually waved goodbye.

The news came hours after Lovato had gotten backlash for calling out Taylor Swift in an interview—one in which she also opened up about her split from Wilmer Valderrama, her partner of six years until that June. “I was in a darker…“ Lovato, cozied up in her room in Los Angeles, started to tell me recently in exactly the type of interview she didn’t envisage herself doing anymore this time last year before having a change of heart. “I was just more frustrated last year with social media and things like that, and words getting twisted in interviews.”

Of course, there was also the simple fact that Lovato, who’d performed everywhere from the White House to the Grammy Awards that year and just wrapped up playing nearly 50 shows over the previous few months with Nick Jonas, including her own sets everywhere from Antalya to Guadalajara, was simply exhausted. “I was tired and burnt out and had just come off of a tour,” Lovato continued. “I wasn’t feeling very inspired.”


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