Guess The New Oreo Flavor And Win $50,000!

Oreo’s NEWEST flavor is a MYSTERY.. and if you can correctly guess it, you could WIN $50,000!  That’s right.. $50,000!

They come in a white package, and the cookies are the traditional chocolate Oreo cookies…but the mystery is the cream.  What flavor could it be??

Some stuff I found online from people who’ve tried it seem to think it’s either Fruity Pebbles or some type of generic “cereal milk”.  I personally have yet to try them.. have YOU??  What’s YOUR guess for $50,000?!

What brilliant marketing and an awesome way to create a little buzz around the Oreo cookie brand!  I love it 🙂

You have until the end of November to submit your guesses.

Read more and submit YOUR guess for $50k HERE.



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