This guy once lent Bruno Mars a jacket; now, they’re a creative dream team

“He liked my jean jacket,” laughs Duddy. “He tried it on and then offered me $300 to buy it, even though it only cost $45 or $50. When he did the next video for ‘Just the Way You Are,’ his stylist called me up to ask if he could borrow it. I said, ‘Yes, but only if I can shoot some behind-the-scenes footage.’ ”

It was a mutually beneficial arrangement. Duddy got to develop his relationship with Mars, and Mars got to rock the jacket (he ended up wearing it for the entire video).

But Duddy now also has a pretty good side hustle playing bass guitar in his country band, Midland. The group — completed by singer Mark Wystrach and guitarist Jess Carson — formed around Duddy’s 2013 Wyoming wedding to photographer Harper Smith. Longtime pals Wystrach and Carson were Duddy’s groomsmen, and in the week leading up to Duddy’s big day, they began playing country and classic-rock covers for fun.


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