The Happiest Teenagers Only Get This Much Screen Time A Day

Alright so a new study looked at how happy adolescents are compared to how much time they spend on their phones and computers…blah, blah, blah.

Bottom line.. the study found that the teens who were happiest only spent about an hour per day on things like texting, Facetiming, playing games, browsing the Internet and checking social media.

Yes, one hour a day.. TOTAL.

Kids who got one to two hours of screen time a day were happier than kids who got more than that.  And they were also happier than kids who got NO screen time.

So your kids shouldn’t spend too much time on their phone, but you also don’t want to just cut them off completely.

The ones who fell into the one-to-two-hour range tended to spend more time hanging out with friends face-to-face though, and doing things like playing organized sports and exercising.  So perhaps that has something to do with the findings of the study.



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