Hold On A Sec.. Justin Timberlake Did What That Was Disrespectful?

So naturally some people are upset over JT’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.. always gotta be some controversy, right?  But why?  Did I miss something?

Apparently so.  And it had to do with Justin paying tribute to the late Prince?  Not sure I understand why.  I thought it was a nice gesture on JT’s behalf.  It made sense.. I mean Prince is an iconic legend.. and the Super Bowl happened to be his hometown of Minneapolis.

At one point, they showed an aerial view of the area around U.S. Bank Stadium bathed in purple light, which formed the classic Prince symbol.

But as it turns out some people thought the inclusion of Prince was disrespectful???

I did find this:

One woman posted an excerpt from a 1998 interview where Prince called duets with dead artists, quote, “the most demonic thing imaginable”…and claimed it would NEVER happen to him.

Maybe that’s why.. I guess?  Still, I thought it was cool that JT included Prince in the show.

How about you?


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