Six Crazy Stats About Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma could be THE strongest hurricane this country has ever seen.  Here are some crazy stats to try to put it in perspective:

1.  Irma spent three days as a category five hurricane…no other hurricane has EVER sustained that much power for that long.  It’s down to a category one now.

2.  It had winds over 185 miles-per-hour for 37 hours, which is also a record amount of time.  It’s still going at around 85 miles-per-hour now.

3.  Irma is almost 400 MILES wide.

4.  So far, 6.3 million people have been ordered to evacuate in Florida…and when it’s all said and done, this could be the largest evacuation in United States history.

5.  Around 26 million people could be affected by Irma, with total damage over $120 billion.

6.  This is the first time in history that the continental U.S. has had two hurricanes that are category four or above make landfall in the same year.


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