Katy Perry Announces Behind-the-Scenes Xfinity Destination & Details How the Witness World Tour Is a ‘Feast for the Eyes’

On Sept. 19, Katy Perrybegins Witness: The Tour in Montreal, kicking off an 85-date trek around the world including 51 North American dates. But for those who may not be able to attend one of Perry’s shows, the tour’s sponsor Xfinity is bringing the experience straight to your home.

Comcast announces today (Sept. 13) that its Xfinity brand is launching a new On-Demand destination in partnership with Perry, through which fans who are Xfinity X1 customers can access behind-the-scenes content from Witness: The Tour, along with music videos and never-before-seen interviews. Essentially, the digital hub has all the Katy Perry content any KatyCat could want, from her entire catalog of hits to “The Making Of” episodes that show how her some of her most iconic videos like “Firework” and “California Gurls” came together — and yes, even an appearance from Left Shark.


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