Country Superstar Luke Bryan Is Joining The New American Idol Judging Panel

It’s been while (4 months to be exact) since ABC announced that they’re bringing American Idol back, and that Katy Perry will be the lead judge.  Well now, they’ve finally secured a second judge…and it’s country superstar Luke Bryan!

Variety says Luke has finally agreed to terms.  There’s no official announcement yet, but supposedly it’s only a matter of time.

Luke has been on Idol’s judging-wish-list for a while, but according to reports, he wanted more money because the show was low-balling him.

No word on how much he’s making, but likely it’s a fraction of the $25 million that Katy is raking in.  There’s still no word on a third judge and with filming set to begin in a week.. they’re really under the gun!

Luke hasn’t commented, and he probably won’t until the ink dries.

Ryan Seacrest wouldn’t comment on the judge situation in an interview with Billboard…but he did suggest that Idol could be the thing that HEALS THE COUNTRY!  I dunno about all that.. Lol



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