J-Rod  10am-12pm

Lori Charles

Random Questions:

Where are you originally from?  Berwind, WV

What was your parents' reaction when you first told them you wanted to work in radio?  Cool!! Does it pay good?

First radio gig?  WTZE AM-FM Tazewell, VA

What would you be doing if not in the radio business?  Stay at home Mom

Where can you be found when not on-air?  At home with my husband Chris & kids, Julia & Max

What was your first car?  Ford Probe 1990

First "BIG" concert attended?  Garth Brooks

Favorite city in the world?  Myrtle Beach

Pets?  Dogs: Snickers & Abby, Cats: Ewok & Penelope, Birds: Pumpkin & Rio

Do you have a tattoo?  No, I'm too big of a chicken!

If you were a member of a band, what instrument would you play?  I played the trumpet in Jr High

If we got a peek into your kitchen cabinet, what would we find?  My Mom's homemade candy :)

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