Scott Walker


Random Questions:

Where are you originally from?  Raised on a dairy farm in God's country, a.k.a. Union, WV

What was your parents' reaction when you first told them you wanted to work in radio?  They thought it was a good move because they didn't want me shoveling cow manure for the rest of my life

First radio gig?  Working part-time beginning in the summer of 2002 for J104.5, Kicks Country, and the rest of the Adventure Radio cluster

What would you be doing if not in the radio business?  Shovelling cow manure and milking Holsteins

Where can you be found when not on-air?  Most likely at the GBCC working out

What was your first car?  A 1991 Ford Tempo

First "BIG" concert you attended?  Godsmack, Disturbed, and The Stone Temple Pilots in Charlotte, NC

Favorite city in the world?  Union, WV!!!

Pets?  Currently I have a good ole mutt named Hutch...I recently sold most of my cattle which I thought of as pets

Do you have a tattoo?  None as of yet, but I do have some neat scars from barb wire and such

If you were a member of a band, what instrument would you play?  The drums as I keep the beat going for Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones

If we got a peek into your kitchen cabinet, what would we find?  Tons of soup, canned vegatables, and of course the thing I live off of...Little Debbie Cakes!

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