Lori Charles  7pm-Midnight

Ken Dietz

Random Questions:

Where are you originally from?
  Born in New York, raised in Fort Wayne, IN...yeah, I'm a damn yankee!

What was your parents' reaction when you first told them you wanted to work in radio?  "So, you weren't accepted into Harvard Law School?"

First radio gig?  WAZI-FM, a little station in Morristown, TN...worked from 10pm till 1am, the station couldn't afford to stay on all night

What would you be doing if not in the radio business?  A road tester for Car and Driver Magazine

Where can you be found when not on-air?  Why, do I owe you money?

What was your first car?  A hand-me-down from my older brother, a 1969 AMC Javelin.  Yes, it was very old at that time

First "BIG" concert attended?  "Grand Illusion" Tour with STYX, Kansas was the opening act.  STYX was late so the promoter shaved a roadies head while we waited.  My first concert tickets were for KISS, but the band couldn't make the show because of a major snow storm...I've still never seen KISS in concert

Favorite city in the world?  It's a weird one...but very cool, San Francisco, CA

Pets?  Two dogs...Woofer and Peanut.  Two cats...Sunshine and Chalupa.  Add the kids, and my house is very zoo like

Do you have a tattoo?  No

If you were a member of a band, what instrument would you play?  Although I have absolutely no rhythm, I'd say the drums

If we got a peek into your kitchen cabinet, what would we find?  Lower right hand cabinet, where we keep the chips...a mouse trap

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