Statistics Show Selena Gomez Made Coach Insta-Famous

The proof is in the pudding: In 2017, social media is king. Brands are bidding for eyes (which, historically, equals buys) and it has become increasingly important to have a large social media presence in order to reach a newer generation of customers whose shopping habits and experience has shifted drastically from that of generations past.

One instance of this is the social media growth Coach has seen since inking its $10m brand ambassador and designer deal with Selena Gomez in 2016. According to a Wall Street analyst, Gomez has been a huge asset for the company in terms of helping it grow its social presence, touting a 50% increase in followers year over year and an 81% increase in average likes YoY. Posts featuring Selena, of course — namely during fashion week — did particularly well for the brand.


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