Super Bowl Recipe Each State Is Searching For The Most

There’s a new map that shows the top Super Bowl side dish each state is searching for.  Here are four takeaways from it:

1.  The four most popular food searches are for chili, wings, sliders, and “sausage cheese balls.”  Chili is #1 in Arizona, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ohio, and Rhode Island.  Wings are #1 in California, Connecticut, Nebraska, and New York.

Sliders or burgers are #1 in Georgia, Missouri, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  And “sausage cheese balls” are #1 in Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, and Texas.

2.  A surprising number of people will be making SOUP.  In Pennsylvania and Michigan, the top search is potato soup…in Oregon, taco soup…in Kansas, dill pickle soup.  In Mississippi, the top search is beef stew.

3.  Various dips were popular in seven states.  In Massachusetts and Montana, buffalo chicken dip…in Maine, clam dip…in Arkansas, queso…in New Mexico, seven-layer dip…in Tennessee, skillet dips…and in Washington, jalapeño popper dip.

4.  And a few of the LAMER searches include Chex mix in Illinois…hummus in South Dakota…deviled eggs in Virginia…and bruschetta in Vermont.

And now, I’m hungry!! 🙂

See the top food for every state HERE.


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