Taylor Swift Fans Are Furious Her New Album Leaked Online A Day Early

Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation” leaked online a day before its release…and let’s just say that Taylor’s fans are upset about that.

Many took to social media to express their anger:

  • “People leaking ‘Reputation’:  Obviously, you’re talentless and lifeless.  We know y’all are closeted Taylor Swift fans after all.”
  • “Stop and think:  Why are you going to ruin her chance of getting amazing sales?  If you love her so much, don’t do it.  So disrespectful.”
  • “I couldn’t listen to leaks…I don’t know, it feels wrong to listen to a Taylor Swift album for the first time if it’s not on release night, screaming about each song with the rest of the fandom.”

Even with the early leak, the album will easily debut at #1 with the largest first week of sales in 2017.  Earlier this week, her label was projecting first week sales of 2,000,000.


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