Big Al’s Weekend In Mexico Got Cut Short

It wasn’t exactly the weekend I had planned but it did have its bright spots.

First of all, I did go to Mexico and it had been over a year and a half since I had been there. This wasn’t supposed to be a solo trip but that’s the way it ended up. My girlfriend had to work and couldn’t get away. So, there I was. Just like the Old Days. Alone in Mexico. A few years back, being in Mexico alone would have been Awesome. But nowadays, it’s not nearly as fun to walk the streets, walk the beach, yada, yada…I did make my normal loop of my regular bars that I visit in Playa del Carmen. And, by the way, I did go by to check out what my old bar looked like. It’s closed. Seeing it like that really made me sad. There are 2-3 different stories about how my former manager and landlord screwed me out of my lease. My old friends that live there all have various stories about this topic and they ALL want to tell me. I won’t get into those stories. But at the end of the day, whoever the new tenant was, they couldn’t keep things going. So, after listening to the waves of the ocean and enjoying a couple of tequila shots, and several Mexican beers, I came back home on an early flight.

Hanging out here at home (alone) was a lot cheaper and there was some work I needed to do as well. My mom isn’t feeling well so I got to take her a couple of meals and spend some time with her.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!



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