Camila Cabello on the success of Havana and the status of her debut album: “Life’s too short to be afraid”

Camila Cabello is close to landing her first Number 1 single and, understandably, she’s very excited about it. “I KNOW!” she howls with disbelief as we share the news to her that her latest track, Havana, is edging seriously close the Official Chart summit.

“I’m so happy, I’m over the moon! I’ve never been so high before. I’m so happy,” she reels off excitedly. Outside of the UK, Havana is shaping up to be Camila’s first big solo hit since leaving Fifth Harmony, after successful guest feature spots on Bad Things with Machine Gun Kelly and Major Lazer’s summer smash Know No Better. In terms of her solo career, it’s already out-peaked her first single, Crying In The Club, in most countries.

We put it to her that Havana’s unexpected success (the song was released the same day as her track OMG, which was initially given a bigger push) is a clear-cut case of a song finding success simply because it’s a great track. “This song is kind of like… you know so many people said this song wouldn’t work,” she explains, “but me and my team always believed in it. It feels good to have that. This is the defiant song.”

Havana’s hasty ascent up the Official Chart can also in part be attributed to UK’s reignited passion for Latin pop, though given Camila’s Cuban heritage and ongoing championing of South American artists, it feels like the kind of music she should be making regardless of current trends. “We actually wrote this song in January before that whole explosion happened,” she explains. “The timing was just coincidental. It actually took us a few months to finish it because we kept re-writing it.”


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