Demi Lovato’s alleged drug dealer speaks on the overdose.

How badly do people need fame in 2018? The alleged drug dealer behind Demi Lovato’s reported overdose is speaking! I thought that you’d try to keep that on the down-low, but not this fellow named Brandon Johnson.

Allegedly, Johnson gave Demi Lovato ‘aftermarket pills’ and she was aware of this fact per his interview with TMZ. These are said to be pills NOT inspected by the FDA and/or laced with fentanyl. Johnson, seemingly without guilt, went in to great detail about how they were watching television together and doing the drugs.

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Demi Lovato Is Selling The House Where She Overdosed Drake visits 11-year-old awaiting heart surgery. Emergency landing for Post malone! How much $ does Britney Spears have to give K-fed monthly? So, we think we know what Demi Lovato overdosed on. Demi Lovato May Have Overdosed On Oxycodone Laced With Fentanyl