WATCH: Philly Fan Celebrates Eagles Win By Eating Horse Poop?!

I don’t understand why when your team wins, you trash your own city.  I just don’t understand that at all.  But ok, whatever.. your city, trash it if ya must.. I guess it was to be expected to a certain degree.

But the fan in the above video really took things to a whole new level as his personal celebration included eating horse poop.  Yes, you read the correctly.. dude celebrated by eating horse feces!!!  His parents must be beaming with pride.

And again, just a reminder, this happened in the context of celebrating a Super Bowl victory.

In addition to the horse poop eater, there were light pole climbers, a guy that almost died while riding a traffice light above a street, there were overturned cars, someone was running around naked in an eagle mask, crazy trust falls from light poles, city trees being uprooted and stolen, dancing on top of cars, setting fires… and so much more!

Miraculously, the city says that NO ONE died, although Philly was left looking like a war zone.



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